Sam, wheelie. In a few years that's gonna be a proper air


Bit fickle down the beach at the moment. Yesterday afternoon had some good waves. This morning was kinda close-out-rubbish.

For about the 100th day in a row we have clear skies and sunshine, can you believe it? Go outside.

She’s gonna be flat for most of the weekend and no significant swells on the horizon. Perhaps it’s a good time to pop into the Aquabumps gallery and check out our renovations. It’s bigger, better and ridiculously good looking. We’re now the biggest gallery this side of China (ok, sorry that might not be true) with the best looking garden in town. Now, don’t tell me…I should start a café out there…see…I read minds.

My bags are packed and ready for a week of Heli-Ski, Heli-Surf in New Zealand next week. Oh boy, you’re gonna see some good stuff next week on Aquabumps. No changing channels.

A d i o s : : u g e

Joel Pilgrim and his Friday get up

Bondi Promenade People

Quiet time, Bondi 6:40am

Bondi Boardriders

Hooking in


Jeff, never misses a morning

14 thoughts on “F I C K L E

  1. “For about the 100th day in a row we have clear skies and sunshine, can you believe it.”

    Wait what ? Were you not here last week ? Was pissing down rain on Wednesday / Thursday !

    1. Oh yeah, it rained for about 3 minutes last week. Sorry. But the sunshine returned that day in the arvo and it’s been so good ever since. : : uge

  2. Hey Eugene, have a great time in NZ…make sure there’s some pics of you doin’ your thing with the boards on…ski boards that is. Lookin’ forward to the updates

  3. Ditto .. Have a fab NZ trip Uge
    Nice to see a snap of Geoff… Haven’t seen one for a while … Still looking the goods..

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