Christian Besera, morning darkness


The swell has flipped and now coming in from the NE. I guess all that wind last night stirred up some wind swell.

It’s nothing special. Wind swells never really are. The beaches are mushy, junkie and random. Good for a grovel.

26 today. Wowsers. Go for a swim.

GRAND CUCINA. Sounds like some exotic Italian restaurant huh? Well two occa Bondi surfers, Tim and Jethro, have started a little online business selling professional-top brand kitchenware. It’s cheap and good, trust me – half my kitchen is from them. Let’s keep the boys real busy and out of the lineup by checking out their latest deal, exclusive for the Aquabumps inner-sanctum…$50 bucks off if you enter AQUABUMPS in the coupon code field during check out. Yeah baby, free money. Go look.

Have a great weekend – weather looks choice.

: : u g e

Rock Pool Hop, Tamarama

It is worth getting up early

Aerial grab, Tamarama

Swim - it's nice in!

Morning reflections, Tamarama rock pools

Morning gang

Frigate on the horizon (oh and a little bird)

Cemetery rights, Tamarama

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  1. Hi – that coupon code doesn’t work for Grand Cucina “coupdon code AQUABUMPS” is not valid. Are there T&C’s for it that we need to know?

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