Maroubra 6:30am, Blake Thornton fin flasher


New government, new week, new (wind) swell and new season. It’s all changing right here.

The sun was up super early and so was the heat. 22 degrees when I woke at 5 sumpin’ o’clock.

There is some wind chop around from the north that you can ‘surf’. But it’s very small. You’ll need the skills of a pro surfer to make it look good.

Who gives a FORK? Hopefully you do. Sustainable Table are a not-for-profit organisation that empowers people to use their shopping dollar to vote for a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment. Solve the problems of the world around your own dinner table, literally. Read more how you can get involved good people.

It’s nearly 30 degrees outside as I write this and I work across the road from Bondi Beach. Enough desk jockey time…

Out : : u g e

Almonds anyone? Maroubra Beach 6:30am

The ladies of Maroubra enjoying this fine weather

Liquid roof, Maroubra

Lip flick

Joey Michaels, burial

Lip fury

Seize the day kids! (with your board)


Blake Thornton trimming the lip off this one, Maroubra 6:30am

4 thoughts on “N E W

  1. Hi Uge,

    the p. 42430 man is not black thornton even not bob billy thornton, but my good old friend LINTON. he will come to your office and show you his ID. he is a bit wild and dangerous as i said already. all the time he is carrying a sharp knife by his belt. so it is better to check him by the entrance.

    a few weeks ago he left europe because he was wanted by the police. but i told the police he went to africa because he likes crocodiles.

    taka care and be safe
    your peter

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