Patience required today, nice in the water though!


Mmm feels like summer doesn’t it? (27)

The waves are flat and the water is warm. You must go for a dip.

I owe you an apology. Yesterday we promoted a Herringbone board giveaway which had expired, goneski…done. Yep, after we contacted our buddies at Herringbone before going live and got the green light, they forgot they had already drawn the prize! (someone at H-Bone HQ must have had a big weekend). No harm done…I’m slapping myself as I write this now and the work experience kids at both businesses have been sacked. I’m sorry. In exchange I give you permission to take off from work right now and go for a salubrious swim down the beach. That will cheer you all up.

Swell comes Friday. Work on your base tan until then.

:: uge

MoniKa with a "K"

Bondi Biccies Queen, Sars.

Justin and his Bondi Ink


Early jogger


Miss Antarctica

My feet

Heading out

That ain't your best side Kinsey

What? Where are all the waves?

7 thoughts on “M M M

  1. Hey Uge,

    Why don’t you replace the Herringbone giveaway with a few of your board shorts??
    You know where I live mate!!

    Trust all is well with the family.. I’ve got 4 boys now!!

    Later Benno

  2. uge think you fell for the oldest trick in the book mate……….’they forgot’, remember corporations just want data and your email goes out to a lot……lets have a week of no coporate back slapping [ie just surfing/beach life talk] that will appease the masses

  3. great shots today man.

    just wondering what metering mode your using – having difficulty getting the right exposure with shutter priority on the 1dx/5d mark 3 when shooting action shots like yours…


  4. Superb photos ! Always dynamic, exciting, fresh, with great composition and colour tones. Keep ’em coming !
    One question: do you use post-processing effects to ‘blur’ the foreground / background ? I am a photography enthusiast, and would love to learn from you how I can include such effects in my own (more desert-focused) photography. Thanks !

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