Blake Thornton, Maroubra, a few hours ago

D – B O W L

Good times to be had down the beach, the sunshine is back with plenty of south swell. Today I chose to shoot Maroubra as the banks at Bondi were a little patchy, plenty of waves in the North corner (with a big crew to match). I reckon Bondi was bigger though – with some sets overhead high.

One of our gallery artworks is featuring in Channel 10’s new soapie “Wonderland”. The first person to tell me what the name of the artwork is and write it here in the comments will win an Aquabumps Book (Australian readers only). Here’s the tip – it is a shot of wave.

Our Aquabumps/Speedo collaboration which is in its 3rd season has just launched this Summer’s women’s range and you can buy them online. Basically they’re Aquabumps montages printed onto Lycra – check out the women’s.

:: uge

P.S. Hope you like the cover of Qantas’s Inflight Mag this month, it one of ours, shot in Queenstown NZ.

Ah yes, bring on that sunshine

Nigel Harbach, he's had a rough trot lately, good to see him in the surf

Nigey having a crack before going back to hospital

Blake Thornton, lip trim

Green walls of Maroubra earlier today

This shot was taken whilst driving and the camera rolled around in my car

Elvis's love child, Gus




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  1. Hey Uge, I wanted to check the Aquabumps photos in montages printed onto Lycra or women but the link goes to Skiing in New Zealand, not sure is the right one 🙂

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