Pamatatua Davies basking in the golden morning light

A L L – S T A R

It was an all-star cast down at Bondi Beach this morning. Pamatatua Davies, Sam Mac, Brett Anderson, Ian Wallace, The Gonz, Brucey Stafford, Sam Jackson… hell even Tom Bird paddled out for the early.

There’s waves around head high. The banks aren’t that great but there is a rip bowl in the middle of the beach worth surfing – that’s if you don’t get sucked out to sea in between sets.

If you live around here you’ll know Vix. Everyone knows Vix. She’s down the beach every day training people. She’s fit. Super fit. She’s also running a 6 week bikini body challenge that starts early next month, just in time to get your summer rig on. Call the Vix’s rig hotline 0403 111 188 to book and get all the mum’s talking down at the North Bondi kiddie pool.

L a t e r s : : u g e

Floating Fireball, 6:10am Bondi Beach

Brett Anderson, middles

The fin show, Pama

A surfer, a dog and 3 people

50 - 50

Ian Wallace, back hand stab

Pama dropping the wallet

Sam, head grinder

Look out, Tom Bird is out there.

2 thoughts on “A L L – S T A R

  1. Looks soooo nice out there…….gosh I love my job….keep repeating to stop temptation of heading down to the beach

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