Bondi bush fire smoke last night


Sadly New South Wales is being ravaged by 100 wild bush fires. Say a little prayer for those families who’ve lost homes. The skies were filled with smoke last night and asthmatics will find it hard to breathe. Last night was very unique down at Bondi with all this smoke, some of the strangest light I’ve seen. The smoke was acting like a trippy lens filter creating some good shooting fodder.

Fortunately today’s weather conditions are much better suited to fire fighting – hats off to all those involved.

With the today’s cooler weather comes a new south swell. It’s 3-4 foot and wobbly yet fun. I reckon it will get better as the day cleans it up.

Have a great weekend : : u g e

Ugly tube, but a tube is a tube.

No bikes


Bushfire skies

Praying for good waves to Huey


Miss Antarctica and her decent quiver

Every day is so different

Skating the bowl under smokey skies last night

Nice wall on the right

JJ, slow hook

17 thoughts on “S M O K E

  1. Quite an emphasis on prayer in the post. Just wondering who is it that we are praying to, assuming that they can do something about the situation?

      1. Yep totally ignorant of who is Huey. Even the post below (by annepom) does not answer who, or where the revelation came from that Huey has the power to rule the wind and the waves.
        Do you know Huey LP?—care to enlighten me with your knowledge or just insult me more?

        In defence of my literacy the second sentence of the post says: “Say a little prayer for those families who’ve lost homes.” On my reading there is no agent in this sentence whom to pray to, or is that Huey? Does Huey control the fires to, or help people in their grief? Just asking mate! Thanks.

    1. Hi Simon, mayabe I can be of help. Huey is the name we give for a nice pray like yoga pose, right before taking a huge steamer (hu = huge ey=eyieewwww like as in eyieewww steamer). used in a sendence – “wow, that chick is doing a really nice huey, what a turn on”.

  2. As a woman surfer and having seen the times cahnge, there are more of us sometimes in the line up than guys, I wouls like to see more photos of girls surfing, after all Miss Anartic iien’t the only one out there is she? (love that she gets out there, even without a wetsuit!)


  3. Can someone help on this: Miss Antarctica seems to be a Bondi well-known local, but I cant find anything about her elsewhere. Who is she?
    She really Miss Antarctica?

    1. Antje, her real name is Charlotte Piho and she teaches Yoga on stand up paddles.

      I named her Miss Antarctica as she will paddle out in bikinis on a 4 degrees morning and surf for 2 hours. She is not officially Miss Antarctica

    1. He doesn’t seem angry to me…just a bit sarcastic, maybe. I’d assume he does respect the ocean and surfers if he subscribes to Aquabumps. …but making assumptions seems to be the issue here, like when authors assume all their readers pray.

      But it’s Uge’s newsletter, so he can say “pray” as much as he likes.

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