La Bra 8:00am, end section goodness

L a B r a

The conditions flipped and it seems most Bondi surfers headed to Maroubra this morning to reap the benefits.

Good move if you did. Some fun ones out there in a weak NE wind swell. I saw a wave break overhead high! Just one.

The winds are quite strong and from the SW. Protected corners essential.

: : u g e

I wonder what these two talk about all day?

Duncan with a dedicated bottom turn

Blake Thornton picking pockets

Maroubra, everybody wants a view of the ocean.

Maroubra, Blake Thornton frontside lift

Head grinds

Andrew Harris, Shaping extraordinaire selecting a bank

Will Whitaker

3 thoughts on “L a B r a

  1. Back home on the Sunshine Coast after spending a long weekend at the Lebbo’s place. Coffee at Billy’s Wetbar was great. How trendy and cool are all the swags cruising around on Sundays? The water at Bondi is so beautifully clean as I left town before the sewerage outlet was changed (30 years ago). Waves were OK but how radical is it surfing a small peak with 30-40 people all keen for the next wave? Tomorrow morning I shall be the only one at the local break at dawn but thanks Bondi, Lebbo and my darling niece Roxy for a ‘swagaliscious’ weekend in the literal big smoke.

    1. Phil! I’m not sure ‘swagalicious’ is going to take-off but I’ll try my hardest to promote it around the Bondi traps. Had a great surf with you and looking forward to Chrissy on the South Coast! xo

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