The Bondi Pavilion centre stage

1 Hit Wonder

Yesterday was pumping (8ft). I saw an incredible south swell roar into town as I pushed the pram around. Wow. It was so clean, so perfect, so south, so ridiculously good looking. One of the better days of the year.

This morning I got a little bit excited and woke at 4:30am to go shoot some slabs down south…thinking it will be oooorn.

It wasn’t.

The swell died and is now only 3 foot and the winds had some east meaning it was a bit messing and onshorey. Mission was aborted mid-journey.

Bit like a Britney Spears hit…the joy only lasted 24 hours. Shows over and my lenses didn’t see the light of day.

Oh well…there is something heading our way this Friday.

Some lucky devil is going to win a 2 week trip to Antarctica with National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards to help raise awareness of the essential research projects being supported on the ice by Antarctica New Zealand. What have you gotta do to enter? Go here for all the deets

Stampede, Bondi

Front row, North Bondi

Banked up against the boardwalk

Golden glow, Bondi

Waves swinging into Tamarama



Just a little busy...

5 thoughts on “1 Hit Wonder

  1. G’day Uge,

    Were any these photos taken yesterday? I have a couple of friends who were on the beach yesterday; and they want to know if they’re famous now. 😉 And might buy a print or two.

    Andy @ Tyro.

  2. Uge, advise please! How do you take those shots like “Breakers” and “just a little busy”? Amazing and keen to find out.

    Cheers :Dan

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