The early bird


Oh man it is such a nice day outside and we’ve got swell to boot!

A south swell is in town, it is 3-4 foot…Bondi is loving it. This morning the tide was low, so plenty of close outs.

Somewhere, somewhere out of town, on a quiet south facing beach would be cranking. I think you should split from work and go for a long drive to score. You deserve it – you’re employee of the month! Congratulations.

Now…the forecast this weekend is healthy surf wise. South swell both days and offshore. Wow.

Have a great day : : u g e

Former supermodel and pro surfer - John Logue

Joel Pilgrim, blow up sword out and all.

Bishan the Whale charmer

Karl Page, training for the Mentawais

Left pole dancing

Benny Tana, the kid from The West

Best hair do of the week

Smells like summer


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