This is how my day started.


Some mornings it can be a punish peeling out of bed before the sun rises. You’d think after 15 years of daily dawn photography I’d have it down. I’m human. I need a java hit to switch the brain into gear and steer me in the general direction of the beach.

As I rolled down the street and saw the beach at 5:50am, it looked pretty stunning with bright red clouds over Benny’s. Lucky aren’t we? Worth the pain of an early rise. After a few postcard-tripod shots I decided to swim’n’shoot as the waves looked nice. It’s a new south swell and Bondi is drawing every inch. The rips are manic but the waves were fantastic. I reckon this incoming tide will reveal more goodness. See you out there.

:: uge

See, decent waves today!

Some of my best work is shot when putting my water housing together

Surfers to the right, Bondi

K-Ron lapping up the morning light and waves



The lip rinse cycle


Fellas going for a swim


Sam, grinding for coverage

4 thoughts on “M O R N I N G

  1. uge, i don’t miss a single day of your much appreciated dawn experiences. when the spirit needs lifting, which is often lately, i know you will remind us how great it is to be alive.

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