Sun, surfer and some fog, Bondi 6:50am


It was all nice and glassy down the beach this morning. A fog entered the bay around 7:00am and there was a cruisy, well-formed right hander tucked away in the Icebergs corner (with only 3 on it). I swam out there and snapped a few. It was real nice.

By 12pm it will blow a gale. 30 knots of southerly heading our way and that will hopefully generate some swell for the rest of the week.

The Surfaid cup is this Friday and donations close tomorrow. C’mon honks, how about supporting our Aquabumps team and Surfaid by shedding some small change? We’re $3,600 off from reaching our goal. $20 bucks will do it…ok $50 is better…$100 and we’re best mates…$1000 and you will reach legendary status. Support Us

Muchas gracias :: uge

The Claws

Icebergs corner rights

Best view in town from up there.

Bondi morning fog

Chris Little trim

Barney, finless and on a nice looking wave

1 dude

Frisky lips

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