Joel on the shoe phone, calling in late to work!

Hi Vis

Even though it was a dark grey morning nothing like a bit of fluoro from the One Wave crew to brighten things up. Today is “One Wave is all it takes” 1st birthday and by the look of the incredible turn out they’re going strong. About 100 fluoro warriors took over South Bondi for an hour or so. Chaos reigned, boards flew as 10 smilers per wave enjoyed their 1st digit. Congratulations guys!

Under all that fluoro there was actually a fun, 1-2 foot hollow righthander at Bondi. Maybe it was just the right tide, maybe it was a small pulse, but I definitely saw some fun ones. I rode past it recently and it didn’t look half as good.

Big Wave Surfing comes to Sydney! Red Bull’s Cape Fear is a unique event for 14 surfers at one of Sydney’s heavy slabs. The waiting period is from April 17 through to August 1 and will be a man on man format. How good would that be…just imagine Bruce Irons Vs Mark Mathews at the Cape…Koby Abberton vs Jamie O’Brien. Would love to see what Shane Dorian can do out there on that lethal chunk of reef. Watch

New swell arrives late Sunday/early Monday – dang!


Nice zinc work

And I thought shooting Pipeline and Ours was dangerous...nothing like this.

Mietta Gornall, the secretary

See, hollow ones on offer

Grabbing a rail and setting the line

Multi tasking

Joel Pilgrim commuting to work with soggy shoes

Grant Trebilco, the ring master

Fluoro burnings...

Some really fun ones

What a day, yesterday!

7 thoughts on “Hi Vis

  1. So much better when everybody is smiling and having fun, sharing waves..
    Grumpy Bondi surfers with massive egos shoulds have more session like these;)

  2. Take a photo of me uge!…no me, pick me! me! fluoro warriors – those krazy kids! what will they think of next???

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