Perth Standlick, in training for Margarets Trials, Maroubra 8am


I was quite surprised to see energy left in this East swell. The Bra had plenty, early. Sure was wonky though! Barely any wind around and some fun peaks around our hood. Brave the dark clouds and reap the rewards. Today is it though – she’ll fade away into the afternoon whilst a new south swell will arrive (small).
This week is not a beach week…score brownie points with the boss and be conscientious.

If you’re reading my updates you probably love the ocean. Well this Saturday 29th March you should join the “Float Your Boat Rose Bay Paddle. Basically rock down with anything that floats and have a go – bit like a fun run on water. 1.5km – 5.0km – 10 km courses…beginners to elite…register online.

Seeya, uge

Perth - deep gouging @ Maroubra


See, some good peaks around the traps this morning

Perth banging airs out down the beach


Perth, stand up tube

Mid rotey

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