Bondi beach, last week, when it was cleaner and sunny


Gosh it hasn’t stopped raining today…need this rain to head north into the drought areas of Western Queensland. ‘Nuf already!

For the first time in years I slept in until a whopping 8:30am. Why? I knew it would be real ugly down the beach. Small waves in the rain with plenty of skanky wash off the streets…you’re not missing much so get some work done.

I can remember when a dinner date in Bondi was either No Names at the Beach Road or 5 dollar pasta at the Tratt. That was it – no options, no frills just big plates to fill you up before plying drinks. Oh boy how things have changed around here (for the better). Bondi has night life. At 5pm today the long awaited Bondi China Diner will be opening its door to the public. Think China Lane, China Doll – same people. I had a sneak preview last night and it’s very impressive. Just like walking into 1930’s Shanghai dining room…only I was the only Asian in the joint! Try it…on Hall Street in the new complex.

Seeya ::uge

Bondi girls in the morning sun...(last week when it was dry)

Georgia, split

Stripe water, Bondi

The big fin

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