Paradise Found

Its official, we’ve found paradise. Don’t ask me where exactly as we travel through the night waking up at a different surf break each day.

Today we surfaced at a neat little empty left (no name) on the point of a coconut lined bay. It’s pristine – untouched by humans. The beaches have no evidence of human carelessness…no rubbish, no ciggie butts in the sand and no worries!


Surfaid is the only charity working in the Mentawais (where I currently am). Coincidentally they are holding a fundraising party in Bondi tonight (Thursday 5 June 2014, 7pm – 10pm) @ the Bucket List on Bondi Beach. It would be great if you all showed support for this awesome organisation. Tickets 50 bangers. To Book visit: Enquiries: Jo Lynas


Tim Macdonald enjoying the fruits of remote Indonesian travel

Pantai (Beach)

Karlos Santana Page

Good set!

Keenan Crisp

Sat next to my friend here for 20 mins

Empty line up


Managed to drag Mannie away from the bar for the morning.

Amazing colours up here at the moment.

9 thoughts on “Paradise Found

  1. the 1st photo is very nice but the writing (paradise found) is disturbing. No one would buy the photo with the writing.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Peter. Lately, Uge has been using the first image to title the series. Of course it would not be printed with the text (hence why there is no “buy” link under it). This said, if you are interested in it, it’s still available for purchase (minus the text) through our gallery +61 2 9130 7788.

  2. Wonderfully evocative pictures, thank you! I am sitting here at home on Sydney’s northern beaches, looking out the window at a flat and listless sea. The sky is grey as if to warn me that our endless summer must indeed end. You’re shouting “Paradise Found!” whilst I’m reading from Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’. I’ve just visited the Aquabumps website in an attempt to glean some information on how I too might find paradise, but am left none-the-wiser?

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