Friday Loco

Hey. Wasn’t it a nice lil’ surprise to see some decent waves down at Bondi this morning. Our south facing beach was squeezing every inch out of this southerly swell…every inch. I was expecting 1 footers but found the odd head high set. Bonus!

It’s Friday…the fluoros are out in force and swell looks to have a lil’ pulse later today. Good times.

Tommy Carroll, legend, is asking for your support. Watch this and cough up a donation, please. If you’ve been to the Mentawais or planning a trip…SURFAID are the ONLY aid working in the area and you need to give back. Terima Kasih (Tear out my car seat).

:: oggie


Chris Friend, back hand scorching

Crazy clouds of today, booya

Sam, wheelie, Bondi

Bit boxy on the rails for my liking

The Fluoro girls about to get nailed

King of Fluoro, Joel and his Pilgrim

Teale Vanner, left mini nugget

Jet looking like Rocky after a bout with Apollo Creed

Sam Jackson, morning left

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