Cosi Cosi

Things were looking up at the beach this morning. The surf conditions have improved. I saw waves around chest to head high. It was good on the lower tide – not so great on the incoming high tide (now).

Some interesting light beams lately…some call them “The Fingers of God”. Always something new down the beach…guess that is what brings me back day after day with fresh eyes.

Have a great day, ::uge

Chris Little, Foot loose

This is Bondi Beach...fingers of God and all...

Tyson Millar, our Aquabumps Gallery manager hunting pockets

The silky shoulders of a morning bomb

Never get why photographers like to shoot the same thing at the same time

Left overs from the super moon

Race that section

Icebergs lefts

Left, in the middle

Big floater

12 thoughts on “Cosi Cosi

  1. Wow! Uge, you never disappoint … Amazing pics today! Can you give a shout out to Eye Bynder on Facebook, keep up the great work – we love it.

  2. Glad you clarified those were photographers out there Uge…I thought they were walkers with hiking poles on some savage detour!

  3. Thanks for capturing us capturing ‘different’ images this morning Eug, dont often have photos of me taken as a silhouette to a sunrise 😉

  4. Yo Michael, terms and policies ….. Great photos just bomb em up on your own sight… Ugene has put his time,money and effort into creating what we all enjoy and I would love to upload great media on his site but it’s his ! or pay up for advertising! A man of your talents should be able to work that one out,like painting over a masterpiece!i,now that’s slippery…

  5. No worries Benton, I wasnt trying to advertise my work was simply showing Uge what shot we got based on the shot he got of us.

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