Hawaiian Jamie O'Brien charging like it was Off the Wall

Cape Fun

Cape Solander (AKA Ours, AKA Cape Fear) is not often known for its ‘fun’ waves. Well…the Red Bull Cape Fear competition ran yesterday in not the biggest conditions I’ve seen out there…but it was still fun. Hope you watched it online. Was quite an amazing setup, which was whipped up in 4 days by the organisers.

The short period ESE swell dropped quite a bit more than expected on Saturday night. In the first heats there were still a few 6-8 foot bombs. Ryan Hipwood’s 1st wave was really sumpin’ – a full, true Cape nugget. The rest of the day was 4-5 footers which broke very close to the rock. Amazing line up with talented Hawaiians being dominated by the local crew. The Cape is a tricky wave, even just getting out is shifty – just ask Koby Abberton. Watch highlights reel here.

The great news is that Red Bull have agreed to run it again next year…let’s hope we get a monster swell for 2015. Like the one we had last month.

You all know we have had the best Mentawais trip of a lifetime this year. I am still buzzing from that trip. 2 million people have watched the drone footage from our 12 days in the islands. If you want to go, we went on Ratu Motu…the biggest and most luxurious boat out there. Trust me, it’s worth it, you’re worth it! Just look at it.

Today the waves are pumping. Hit it.

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Big wave master, Shane Dorian assessing the conditions

Vantage point of the big show.

Would have been nice to see a few more like this. Ritchie Vass

Did she say yes?

Hawaiian Bruce Irons tucking under

Ryan Hipwood, a stand out for the day and winner

Rasta in the big smoke.

Wave of the day, Ryan Hipwood right at the start of Red Bull Cape Fear

Stab's Sam Macintosh on a rock hugger

Red Bull Cape Fear's mastermind - Mark Mathews

Dingo on a clean smaller one

12 thoughts on “Cape Fun

  1. yeah, agree it wasn’t that big , some guys got free travel and some get paid for surfing local break, not bad at all .

  2. Let me get this straight. Mark Matthews of the Bra Boys, put on a contest at a Bra Boys spot where they won’t let anyone else surf, usually. Mark Matthews did all the public relations himself, ‘won’ the money himself, wouldn’t let anyone go and watch it live, got bucks from Red Bulldust. It should have been on the day before or the month before when the surf was more suitable… etc. etc.

    I understand the commercial imperatives and logistics, but all the hype and bulldust… Jeez Mark and Bra Boys and Red Bulldust… what do you take us all for? Dummies?

    Did you make any money out of it Uge?

    1. Hi Charley,

      Thanks for your feedback. You have been misinformed of many levels – so I hope this helps.

      Anyone can surf at the Cape…but few have the ability to do so. It one of the most difficult/dangerous waves in the world. Go have a crack? I personally don’t want to nor have the ability.

      “Mark Matthews did all the public relations himself” not sure what you are referring to. Yes, he spoke on camera – as did all the surfers. Mark’s a great bloke and good for the sport.

      You couldn’t go watch it live “…it’s a rocky outcrop in a very awkward spot on the coast. It could not host a big crowd at all – far too dangerous – bet no one would insure it. The rocks are so slippery people would be injuring themselves all over the place. It was national parks that placed that restriction of crowd – not Red Bull, not Mark. Only 300 people allowed in…surfers + media + organisers. Of course Red Bull would have liked 20,000 people there. But it was not possible. Shame we don’t have a slab like that somewhere more accessible.

      “Did you make any money out of it Uge?” – no. Not a cent. How & why? Just took pics for you all to enjoy off my own bat like I do every day.

      “it should have been on the day before or the month before when the surf was more suitableā€¦ etc. etc.” the swell in July was awesome but it was only going to be good with 2 days notice. Not enough to get the comp running and fly in 10 surfers from USA. Why is that bad? That’s exactly what happened.

      In summary, I think it’s a great thing to have in Sydney. We don’t have a WCT comp any more…so for Sydney surfers it’s great to see one of the city’s waves in action with big names. It would not be possible without a big sponsor like Red Bull. Like Aquabumps, which is free to everyone…we rely on sponsors to make things happen. I really hope 2015 gets a big swell and we can see the break crank.

      Thanks, uge

    2. The whole thing stunk of jobs for the boys. Wonder how many bra boys were among the 300 allowed in. Should have been a lottery for spectators.

      The commentary was woeful. Absolute juvenile bullshit. Amazed that anyone whose not a prepubescent boy enjoyed this farce.

      No real locals, just bra boys and their chums. Discgraceful

      1. Eddy,

        I was on the bus with 6-7 Kurnell locals (the tiny town where Ours is). They were stoked to be invited and very happy about the comp going ahead.

        They also agreed it’s too dangerous a place to have a big crowd and they didn’t want 20,000 people destroying their local park.

        They were great guys – the Kurnell boys. Apparently Red Bull invited all the local board rider clubs. Most of them even brought their kids.

        I thought that was great. I reckon you should get facts before pointing fingers. I was there.


  3. Agree Uge – it is really a skill thing for Cape – I am sure anyone who respects priority in a tiny take off zone and who has the skill for Cape would be welcome – just like at North Bra in the Boys’ backyard.

    I want to note though something one of the commentators said that was upsetting – ASP tour has been shrunk from 44 to 32 surfers leaving a lot of talent out in the cold – this is something they need to address to bring more local talent to the world.

    As for calling it Ours – I thought it was called Pikers Hole by the original long boarders who started surfing it…

    I think the big wave contest is great for Sydney! Bring it on next year. What about Voodoo?

  4. I am 57 years old and jumped in there as a grom, got smashed and swore never to do that again even at 2 ft. Those blokes deserve every accolade they can get, and as for mark, don’t know him but he did a great job, thoroughly enjoyed the footage on fuel tv.
    Go boys!!!!! Go aqua bumps!!!

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