Blake Thornton, after winning his heat at Cape Fear finely tuned for tubes


Did you know that “Maroubra” is the Aboriginal word for place of thunder? Plenty of thunder down there yesterday. It was pumping. The leftovers weren’t too bad today, head high and super clean before the storm hit. Unfortunately if you are reading this update and haven’t already surfed – you missed it. Shows over.

This new south storm will bring a large swell, tomorrow is going to be huge (10 foot plus). Just one problem, gale force winds (40 knots) will flank this beast and corrupt any goodness. Batten down the hatches, bring the washing in…we’re in for a stormy start to spring.

Good time to get some work done :: uge

Jackson Giles, stalling in a Dunny Bowl hollow

Mahon's Pool, Maroubra with an approaching storm

Jackson, Maroubra north end air

BT, frontside power fan


Jackson inside a frothy one

Plenty of swell still.

The northern rip was working this morning creating hollow spaces

Jackson, speed blurs and all...

Waft, Blake Thornton

12 thoughts on “Thunder

  1. I like Aquabumps ’cause it’s a Bondi thing, Uge, and am worried you are spending too much time down The Bra. Despite what has been said in these pages, nobody who’s not a local would get a look in at any Bra Boys take off area on a normal day. IE not the Cape Little Bit Scary comp day, but a normal average day. We all know dudes who’ve been warned off or even punched out at The Bra. Be real. BTW I saw Jai Abberton in these pages too. Surprized. Thought he was in the clink. Day Release?

    1. Maroubra’s not a free for all like Bondi. Take your turn, show some respect for the other surfers and you wont have any problems. If you know people getting punched in Maroubra maybe you and your crew should stay up in Bondi.

    2. Charley,

      Very active on my comments these days. I am not clear one what you’re discussing today though.

      When the swell is from the east (like today), south facing Bondi is useless to shoot. Aquabumps has always moved around over 15 years in existence. Every day Bondi can be a bit monotonous for you guys and me.

      I love shooting new places…with fresh eyes. I don’t often go to the Bra…but soon I am going to extend more to Northern beaches and further out.

      I’ve surfed Maroubra for 15 years…never had a problem. If you are having problems it’s probably because you’re snaking, dropping in or not being courteous. There is better etiquette there as they get much less tourists/1st timers in the water – compared with Bondi which is one of the most dangerous places to surf in the world. (loose boards)

      Jai abberton was surfing Maroubra this morning and surfing well.

      Hope this helps, uge

  2. Great pics Uge as always and I reckon about 90% of your shots are of Bondi and whoever surfs , swims , walks etc etc on the mornings you shoot there. I like seeing Maroubra shots , I grew up learning to surf there so seeing professional surf pics that are personally recognisable to me is really great. I think the above comment is the tail end of the comments from your Cape Fear pics. Cheers Greg

  3. please do not go to bra, stay in bondi, bondi has more girls to perv and you can show your narcissistic selfs, leave the bra for real surfers , don’t create traffic in the water and you’ll be sweet. enjoy bra on aquabums or other webies.

  4. Hey Uge,
    Love the site!
    Everyday I get into work and check the site after the first email round.
    As someone who lives on the northern beaches it would be awesome to see some shots from up our way.
    Looking forward to the monsters that tomorrows swell whips up.

      1. Hi Yuri & Jane,

        It looks like your email subscriptions are both active on our end.
        Please let us know if you have any more problems receiving the daily emails.


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