Mark Mathews at the Cape just a couple of hours ago


Well, 4pm…and you’re just getting your Aquabumps update. Hope you have been productive at work…now take a break and see what’s happening down the beach.

There is plenty of swell around and the winds have been offshore (not now). Even with these good conditions it was pretty hard to find waves around the Eastern Suburbs. All the beaches are pretty maxed and washing through. I drove south to shoot Mark and Jai, the two lucky buggers who had a reef to themselves that threw out some chunky 6 foot nuggets (sporadically).

Our Aquabumps x Speedo women’s swimsuit range has hit the shelves. Have a look girls.

Mark Mathews hiding behind the chandelier

Jai Abberton, back hand battle

Cape water, standing tall

She's back. Charlotte Piho (Miss Antarctica)

Yes Chalk, stoked to be outside today.

Not many good options out there boys, Bondi 6:00am

Mark Mathews at the Cape on a grower. 12pm today

Mini tube, MM.

Lister, at it again.

Bondi sunrise construction work

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