Tube time, Bondi 7am


Autumn…the best time of year I reckon.

The water has retained it’s warmth, the light is gold, the crowds have subsided. It’s good.

That booming weekend’s swell (that caught us off guard) has now gone. It was dropping a foot every hour. I reckon it will be flat by midday.

So many sharks around at the moment. Love that fishing boat that keeps on chumming up in the middle of Bondi bay. Very considerate of them.

What are you doing on Wednesday night? Want to come support Surfaid and eat some good food at the Bucket List Bondi? Heaps of crew coming to Surfing Chefs. It will be fun. See you there. Buy tickets online

Have a great week.

:: uge

Surfers to the right please.

Alex Kiss milking a very small wave at Bondi this morning

Move of the month, The 'Air walker'

Joel Pilgrim

Kick out

Ben Buckler splash

Autumn light - the best, Bondi

Brett Ando, always stoked

Christian Wilde from Switzerland

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