The Cave, if only we were very small humans. Bondi today.


The 6:00am high tide swallowed up anything worth surfing this morning. By the time you read this it should be close to low…and probably much better.

Lovin’ these autumn mornings. The air feels clean, the light is warm and the sun rises later so I can have more of a sleep in!

Small waves all week. It’s actually an East swell (sorry, I misinformed you yesterday). Hit a beach exposed to East swells and you shall score some fun ones.

I had a good time with the shorebreak today whilst the tide was porking up anything else out the back.


Bronte Pool golds, 7:00am

Rama, wins flappin' in the breeze

Nick from London, long time subscriber

Layered, Bondi

Shoreline doing strange things

Bronte surfer on a blurry wave

Ladies admiring today's sparks at Bronte



Bondi's version of Cinque Terra in Italy

Double Up!

7 thoughts on “Caves

  1. This coming Sunday the Bondi Longboard Club celebrates its 20th anniversary with a comp starting at 8am at the third ramp of course. The club is home to former and current surfing legends like Jack Bluey Mayes, Barry Magoo McGuigan, Harry Nightingale and Wayne Yates who just took out the 2015 Noosa Longboard Over 70s title

    1. Matty,

      Oh really? on some monitors colours can appear HDRy…which I hate. Especially those LED new ones.

      Pretty normal on my calibrated monitors…

      Thanks for the feedback. I will monitor it.

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