Lip Sync, Maroubra 7:30am

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With all this East swell it made sense to go for a drive and have a look around. Bondi neglects the current swell direction and it was tiny. It’s dropped quite a lot overnight.

I found waves only in the 2 foot range at exposed beaches. Nothing fantastic. Really warm, comfortable conditions early – which make it easy to get out of bed.

Did you know that Surfaid’s Surfing Chefs raised $44k last week at the Bucket List? Not bad huh? I’m happy to report that one of our artworks sold at auction for $4k which is awesome (all proceeds going to Surfaid). See party photos

Tomorrow The One Wave Crew (Fluro Brigade) are celebrating their 2nd birthday. They are joining 20 beaches globally to make the largest Fluro waves in the world. Gonna be a big one down at Bondi tomorrow 6:30am More info

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Vortexland, Maroubra

Jackson Giles has the unique ability to punt on just about anything

Blake Thornton punching the pocket in front of the sun


Up early and enjoying the rise

Jackson Giles, lift off

Tail drop, Maroubra

Blake #judokicksshuvittoreverse

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