After burner


Are you all wet? Hard not to be. It’s pouring outside. It is going to be like this for a couple of days so settle in.

Good news is that this storm is going to bring a monster swell mid week.

Tomorrow is going to hooooowwwl. I am talking 40 knots for 24 hours. That will rip a few roofs off and take your Sulo bin for a ride down the end of the road.

These stormy days are a perfect time for me to go through terabytes of recent trips. Let’s go to Hawaii…just for a couple of minutes…grab a cuppa.


Green Room, Gums

Paddle into the light, Hawaii

Would you straighten out?


Not all waves in Hawaii are man-eaters

Pipe, looking all pretty

Hued take off, Hawaii

Last light gold. Hawaii

Palm trees and misty breeze

One thought on “Soak

  1. The optimist left Darlinghurst as usual around 5:15am for his daily Bondi beach walk & swim until he couldn’t see ahead as the rain came down in torrents! Came back home to bed! Tomorrow is another day! Hey Uge, haven’t seen you for ages – guess I’m too early & you (dare I say it) are too late! Nice shots from Hawaii.

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