Surfing in Sydney Harbour. Teale Vanner lining up wave of the morning


Is this the fifty year storm that Bodhi has been banging on about? Sure feels like it. It is mental outside with gale force winds and record breaking precipitation. C’mon admit it…you love it. Everyone gets all excited about a radical storm.

The Sydney harbour even has waves today. Yes, the harbour inside the heads. Doesn’t happen often but it’s happening now. OK, it’s not cranking and the waves are so fat you can barely ride them…but it is breaking. Pure novelty.

Big swell in town and when this winds fades there is gunna be some surfing to be done. In the meantime watch out for breaking trees, sand dunes in the Bondi carpark (bring 4wd) and wild SULOS.

:: uge

Inside wally sections, Sydney harbour

Wild waves caught up in the nets. Sydney harbour

Andy Liggins...never, ever misses a session no matter where

Teale Vanner, Harbour wrap. 7am today

Sorry about the pole...was pouring and couldn't recompose

Harbour lines. Fat ones.

Radioactive run with your mouth shut

Rogue Bondi. That is the kiddie pool under all that!

Bondi beach, sand blasted and looking a mess

3 thoughts on “Cyclonic

  1. Beautiful moody waters Uge, so glad you caught these shots. The wild Southerly reminding us of the awesome power of the world’s greatest wilderness, the Pacific Ocean.

  2. Twee how you never say where this break actually is, Uge. North of the coat hanger, I am willing to put it out there that Balmoral Point is working but ‘Mansions’ (or Chinamans Point) isn’t and nor is Dobroyd Point bombie. Gosh… I wonder if Nielsen Park is turning on?

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