Bondi skate park, 7am today covered in sand

Soggy Shoes

Bondi used to be one huge sand dune in the 1800’s. The mega dune used to extend from the beach all the way back to Rose Bay. Check out this photograph in 1875 if you don’t believe me. Well…over the past 48 hours nature has been trying to return Bondi to it’s original condition. The whole town has been sand blasted and dunes set up all along the front in the car park. It’s pretty amazing. That wind and rain is pretty amazing. Thankfully as I write this (1:38pm) it seems the raging storm has dropped a few gears. It’s safe to go outside…now…but wow…what crazy storm.

The swell is rogue but no where as big as yesterday. Sydney Harbour is still ‘breaking’ but really it’s just a novelty and something interesting to do on these rainy days. When the ocean cleans up there is going to be fun waves around town. All these sand movements has gotta form something interesting for us.

Hey look out the window – I just saw sunlight! Check out the damage that has been caused in NSW by our beastie storm.

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Friendy, lining up a Sydney harbour wall


Springs coiled. Harbour bowl

Sand blasted Bondi bench

Chris Friend in between ferries, Sydney Harbour.

The promenade is now a sand dune

Harbour runner

Anyone lost their SULO?

Chris Friend, Harbour wrap.

A little inside rock hugger

And the big clean up begins. Can the owner of a Nissan Pulsar move that bad boy?

5 thoughts on “Soggy Shoes

  1. I love the old photo of Bondi. Is all I can think is how good the waves must have been back then!

  2. Awesome work! Would love to go and check out those Harbour waves, you reckon they will hang around long?

  3. Just the natural ebb and flow of nature. From Rose Bay in the harbour to Bondi Beach (literally directly opposite each other) there would have just been sand dunes. The sand that has now ended up on the promenade at Bondi beach from the storm would back then be blown over time with Westerly winds back out to the beach at Bondi.

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