Jez Hard Core Hrbach. Biggest wave of the morning (on his backhand!)

Dirty Tubes

All back to normal today. The winds have finally turned offshore and the downpours stopped. Nice isn’t it?

After such a violent storm I thought we’d have swell for days…no such luck. It’s on a rapid decline and only 3-4 foot from the SE.

I went for a drive to shoot some dirty tubes down at The Cape. Some thick ones…but was dropping fast.

Enjoy the outdoors again! :: uge

Mark Mathews, at home inside his favourite wave

Meaty Nuggsy

Dark evil dirty caves, Russ "beef jerky" Bierke

Rough water, The Cape

Dropping in, The Cape 7:30am

Mark Mathews, camera fodder


Empty and thick

Eject. Russ Bierke


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