Bondi colours to celebrate the end of a stormy week. Hooray! Bondi 6:15am today


Always after big storms there is a mega sunrise. Today, 6:15am Sydney blew up with colour – quite the change from the rest of the week.

Bondi Beach is currently taken over by the machines. All manner of sand moving machinery is cleaning up the beach.

To top it off, nice clean 3 footers on offer – hit it! The swell is ESE so many beaches in Sydney will have fun waves.

Adriano just won Margies over Jon Jon. The Brazilians are on fire!

:: uge

Christian on a nice set wave, Bondi beach

Paddler going around Benny Buckler at sunrise

Off the top, eyes shut

Teale Vanner

Glow woman

Pocket lefts, Bondi

Luke Mussett whippy hooks


Rage against the machine, Bondi Beach

Looks more like a construction site than a city beach

Today's sunrise at Bondi Beach...have a good weekend.

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