Blue/Green Bondi lines, 7:30am

Lip Service

I want you to go outside, now…and soak up the sunshine. Feels good doesn’t it? Remember that feeling…because from Wednesday another storm will hit Sydney. Not the same intensity as last week, but plenty of rain from Wednesday to Saturday. So get on the roof, fix the holes, sit in the park or maybe even surf some of the 3-4 footers on offer this morning in Sydney.  How good is Autumn? warm water, good light and waves out front.

We have an army of machines on our beach at the moment. They seem to be doing some good for our banks right now. Keep it up fellas.

:: uge

Vantage point, South Bondi 6:30am

The left stands tall. Bondi beach 7:00am

Exactly my thoughts, who does this writing all over Bondi, kinda cool.

Not often erosion goes so deep to expose these red bewties

This is where the machines sleep.

Hit. Bondi.

Bailey on a chunky one

Nope, no storms here. Go outside before it arrives on Wednesday

Bushy lefts, Bondi 7am

These guys that fly down Campbell Pde hill are mental

Solid left, South Bondi

4 thoughts on “Lip Service

  1. Absolutely love your am photos of Bondi. Our son lives there and they keep him close. We have a copy of your Bondi Curly Bits in our beach hut at Whitsands south east Cornwall UK. Fabulous thank you.

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