Window reflections, Bondi


I know, I know…you’re all a little bit over this rainy weather. Think of your garden – it’s lovin’ it. Look at your car – it never looked so good (sans salt spray).

The good news is that there’s a few waves around of the 3 foot variety. There is 1 fun bank at Bondi with not many people on it. But let’s face it, it’s not really beach weather and better suited to hard work.

Other things to do on a rainy day:

  1. Donate to the Red Cross to help the Nepalese Earthquake victims (please do this now)
  2. Buy your ma her Mother’s Day gift (it’s May 10). C’mon, she deserves a bit more than a 6 pack. How about a Aquabumps book or small sunrise frame from our gallery $150?
  3. Watch Nathan Oldfield’s ‘Small adventures
  4. Check out what celebrities are on Tinder (Leonardo)

…as you were, :: uge

Yellow fish, Bondi 7am

Geoff on the left, Bondi

A life time by the sea.

Seize the day! (even if it's pouring with rain)

The beach is all yours

Grinding 'em to find 'em, Bondi Beach this morning

Dress circle, North Bondi

He may look like a homeless kid, but he's not. Jet

That tall timber is Tyson, our gallery manager

Click the image to find our sizes and prices (starting at $150 to $3950)

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