After travelling 550 nautical miles at sea over the past 12 days…we surfed 15 different breaks and averaged 60 waves each, per day. It’s been amazing. Incredible. The islands never seem to fail me. We’ve scored uncrowded 3-6 foot waves and good weather for most days on this tour. Disclaimer – it’s a gamble though, you can get skunked with winds and small swells. We got lucky.

Just to clarify some confusion, we are touring on the giant 38 metre Ratu Motu which was formerly known as Indies Trader 4 (Management change). Yes, it’s the boat out of the surf movie Young Guns 2. Y’know the one where Slater surfs the boat wake?
This is our last update from the Mentawais. See you in back in Bondi.

:: uge

4 thoughts on “Pump

  1. finished off at HT’s ? Scored the hole down south ? been there a fair few times and never had a bummer trip.

  2. “Mr Intensity”

    The great Jim – Looking ripped like a toy He-Man figurine I used to have when I was 7.

    Well played………….

  3. Hi
    I am after a particular photo that was in miss vogue 2nd edition about a year and a half ago of bondi beach with heaps of people in it I have a screen shot of it I can send you I am after a big poster size one in that print .


  4. Safe trip home to your family…the photos have been great….u made me realise that I need a damm good holiday too!

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