The ice cold concrete of Clovelly


Our fantastic run of winter sunshine has finally come to an end. She’s about to rain.

The south swell has been consistently breaking all week. Today you’d find 3-4 footers at Bondi (But they are mainly closing out). Maroubra had a few pockets…not enough to get most out of bed.

Fruitman Sam delivers fruit and vege to your door (stating the obvious, I know). Our little Bronte buddies get up earlier than me, head out to the markets out west and drop boxes to your door. Fresh! If you want a drop, call the hotline 0420 906 061 and get with the program. Don’t know what to do with a box? Blend it up into a wintery soup. Hit them up

Local male model, aerialist, plumber…Pama Davies can throw out some heat on his tiny lil’ boards. Watch this film of Pama shredding on the new Hayden Shapes craze…the Love Buzz.

:: uge

Blake, back hand stabs

The crowded village of Coogee

Bondi. Pop!

Solid chunk of wall right there...Maroubra with a view

Between the poles, Bondi Beach

BT, extended floater

Blake Thornton, chipping off the top

One thought on “Rain

  1. So cold today, I am amazed there were waves in the icy water, and surfers there to catch them, too cold for this old body boarder!

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