Whitey...Icebergs, Bondi


I hear this all the time…

“Don’t you get sick of shooting the same thing every day?”

No…I like it…

It’s cliche…but…there’s always something new down the beach. Kinda like a lucky dip. After 16 years and over 4,000 morning shoots at Bondi, I still see new stuff. Just gotta have the eyes open.

2-3 footers today, junkie but surfable. Becoming cloudy and will rain now.

Signing out.

:: uge

Lost at sea.

The snow man JJ Botella

Bronte Pool ghosts


The Chaci

Brett Anderson, still got it.

Morning people.

That left is still working

2 thoughts on “Rituals

  1. never get sick of your site – miss our old home on Campbell Parade but you bring back the memories and as you say every day is different .. but we live up the north coast now and every day is different here – just had golf ball size hail bombard us .. keep the beautiful shots coming – I want to paint some if that’s OK

  2. I here Malcom has a rare seahorse community hanging onto his harbour front sea pool….now there’s a exclusive photo shoot bro….

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