Been in the ocean yet today? You should. It’s good. And the rest of this week is a windy, rainy and cooler.

There’s some little waves around the traps. Nothing really worth writing about.

4 things you need to know:

  1. The Aquabumps crew raised $16,000 for SurfAid last week. Thank you to all 108 people that donated. Greatly appreciated. In total the SurfAid Cup raised $147,000 for the poor people of Indonesia. How good is that? Unfortunately we came 2nd in surfing the Cup…again…by 1 point…losing to the same team as 2014… #nothappy
  2. Spot Anderson from Bondifit is a freak. OK, you knew that. He took a group out swimming to the shark nets last week and got a little surprise cameo from a Noah out there…look here
  3. Lifeguard Kerrbox told me that on the Sunday 14th Sept, Festival of the winds Sunday that is, there was 40,000 on the beach. The lifeguards performed 62 rescues on that Sunday. A guy necked 4 king browns, went for a swim and wasn’t seen again until later that night. He stumbled home to Newtown, in wet boardies leaving his phone, wallet, everything on the beach all arvo. That’s why we had so many choppers on that Sunday searching for him!
  4. Bondi Penthouses sell for 21 million. Cheap huh? I will take 2. The Pacifico (Old Swiss Grand) dropped it’s scaffold skirt this week revealing some of the most expensive real estate this side of Monaco. What does 21 million look like?

Enough useless information for 1 Monday.

:: uge

Tamarama left bowl

Shark Net Patrol

Go for a swim, I did. It's real nice


That green stuff is so slippery

Suitable surf vehicle.

Silver ocean

Expressive, Bondi Beach

3 thoughts on “Local

  1. i though the new building next to Bondi Hotel was ugly as a few years ago, it’s not that ugly anymore compare the new (Old Swiss Grand ). Happy Vomiting!

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