Pama Davies in outer orbit


Welcome to the 100% surfing edition of Aquabumps. All 8 pictures are of stickered up sponos ripping. No pretty sunrises, no portraits…just surfing. I like surfing. I’m gonna snag a couple now so I will be brief.

Today has turned out to be gloriously sunny, winds are offshore and light, swell is 3-4 foot and so many waves around. Most beaches will have something for you to surf on.

Some smart people I know started a new phone app that gives you all the raw data you’ll need to time your surfs. It’s called WISUKI. Detailed wind, waves, tides, and weather all in the one spot. Give it a go! The nerds have given it the thumbs up – download now here

Bye :: uge

Kane Pickard sliding the tail

This young tyke scored so many good lil' nuggets this morning

Jackson Giles on the tear down the Dunny Bowl

Unknown pulling out a nice fan

Frontside grab in some really pretty golden light

Sage, rip bowls

P-Davies popping over sections

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