Pama Davies, thriving in 2-3 foot Bondi

Good run

Well…that was a pretty special weekend of weather and waves – init? That NE swell sure was providing. All the exposed East breaks lit up and the beaches were packed. Very typical summer conditions.

Today, 3 foot. East swell. Still the goods.

I bet you’ve been watching the Pe’ahi Challenge live (Jaws). It’s insane. How’s the ski that ate it? Finals on live right now.

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Seeyouse :: uge

Looks like Bondi isn't fancy the right way today

Sage, buckets

High tide nugget at Tama

Tamarama @ sunrise this morning

Joel Pilgrim redefining a rail carve on a big mal

Bondi rescue creator, Benny Davies

Sage, frontside stabs

Perth Standlick, back from winning a WQS in Taiwan

Pama Davies, blowing tails

Meet Syd, the Aquabumps 4-print gift pack

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