Bronte Beach, looking real clean


I was down in the car park of Bondi thinking WOW, not much happening in waves or weather departments. It hasn’t stopped raining. In fact I’d call it one of the most mundane mornings of 2015! Well, then this happens. A 6 foot Bronze Whaler Shark was thrashing around South Bondi…in the rip. It was a having a jolly old time before knocking Dean Norburn off his board – yes – Mick Fanning style. After tackling Dean it had a look at the most tanned human in Australia – JJ Botella. Both local fellas freaked out and came ashore, unharmed. End of story. Dean’s now in the local newsagent buying lottery tickets and JJ is back in the solarium. All back to normal. At ease. So if you were wondering why all the TV choppers circling Bondi today – that’s why. Never a dull moment in 2026.

I shot 4 very un-inspirational photos today so I am running with aerial images shot on that 42 degree evening – remember?

If you ordered one of our books today before 3pm we will next day EXPRESS post it to you today. 80% of Australians will get that book tomozza. Check Auspost website to see if you will get it tomorrow in time for Chrissy?

Good day for shopping. Call us on 02 9130 7788 if you want stuff from our gallery. (We are closed only on Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ Day otherwise 10am to 6pm daily)

Adios:: ugios

Sunset swim anyone?

Bondi surf corridor


Wild Pack, Bondi


A good day to shop, can park out front!

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