Melanie Rose Moylan diving into the morning, Bronte Pool

Bronte Baths

Spent a bit of time lurking around Bronte pool this morning. That’s gotta be the most photographed ocean pool in Australia behind Icebergs. It’s one helluva busy place at sunrise. If it we were in Italy they’d put a boom gate and charge you $25 bucks to look at it for 2 minutes. People love it!

Surf  – yeah….nah…yeah. Ok, little bump in swell with waist to chest high sets. Bondi is lacking banks so it wasn’t doing much.

Big swell coming at the end of the week.

Enjoy the sunshine.

:: uge

Swim - tick.

Dylan, closeout trimmings

Bondi, all awake and ready to rock.



Bronte Pool, light strike

Bogey Hole swims

Mel, stillness

Harries. Manic.

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