Prayer time. Bondi 7am

Bath Time

If you don’t go for a swim in the ocean today – you are really missing out. The water is an incredible 25 degrees in Sydney today. It’s amazing. I coulda stayed out there for hours this morning. It’s like a bath. No rubber required.

Waves – tiny. Sun – on turbo.

Everyone is pretty fit around here. Everyone is into their fitness. ClassPass is a new website that allows you to mix up your fitness routines at different fitness providers under one subscription. You know, do a Yoga sess here, a Pilates there then go for a kayak, all under 1 membership. Mixing it up so you don’t get bored. Good idea me thinks. Try it.

Enjoy today!

:: uge

Heading Out, Bondi

Clean set


Dabs, in a hurry

Chris Friend, hiding

One happy Kneelo


Grom body torque, Mad Max


K-Ron and his aircraft carrier

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