Moody rock hop, Maroubra


Good morning. Guten morgen. Buongiorno.  早上好

Fine looking morning outside. Finally the sun broke free of the smothering morning clouds. There is a small East swell on offer. Beaches facing that direction will have a little chest to head high wave this morning. Some sweet little peaks around the ‘hood. Nice and glassy with little wind.

Pretty small waves all weekend. That’s OK as it’s Valentines Day on Sunday and you are probably getting all romantic (6 pack of beer + watching footie). We have plenty of little gift ideas in the #aquabumpsgallery. Drop in. 10am to 6pm all weekend long. Telephone 02 9130 7788

:: uge

Blake Thornton, never misses an East swell

Return to the foam

Matty and his fancy looking tail

Shinya, on fire.

Good looking wave, worth riding

Wave of the morning, good section coming up


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