All quiet down the beach this morning

Air Bandits

Well that was on helluva beach weekend in Sydney. Bondi was jammed with people. The weather was sensational! The waves, well, not so sensational.

You might find this hard to believe…but…Bronwyn Bishop and myself are not the only people that love flying in helicopters. It was quite ridiculous how many choppers were circling our little bay all weekend. I have never seen so many in my 9 years of aerial photography – there was even a queue to get into Bondi and shoot. It’s now a tourist activity. Just for the record, I was not flying or shooting on the weekend. It’s a lil’ frustrating when a chopper rolls in Bondi and we get several noise complaints – when I am not even in the air. I’ve only done a couple of flights this summer. So hey, not me! OK, glad we got that sorted.

I am glad to report…I’ve got some exciting new ideas for this year’s shooting. Yes, new ideas! You’ll see. Shooting in Rio in a couple of weeks.

Swell coming. Standby.

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Sunday crowds, Bondi Beach

30+ degrees shelter

Double handed drag. Chaci, prego and stalling for the tube

Beachfront accommodation

Sans crowds, 6am today

Rosie Apps new work on the promenade

The busiest beach in Australia


This guy rips! Well kinda. Someone sponsor him. #wolfie

Ray Vuko not looking too stoked on this one.

Morning wonk

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