Mahon Pool still under seize


The ocean has calmed down now. It’s amazing how much it dropped overnight. Yesterday’s boom town has been downgraded to some neat little 3-4 footers. It’s much more manageable and most beaches will be back in business. There was some really big sets yesterday – I reckon the odd 10 footer!

After a very dark and gloomy morning the sunshine is now out (11am) and winds gone NE. Ah yes, a typical summers day. Go enjoy it.

We have a shop, yep. It’s open every day 10am to 6pm. It’s in Bondi and is an old mechanics yard. We’ve been open for 12 years. Yep, 12! It employs lots of people (9 to be precise). Come see these images in their full glory, blown up big on the walls. Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSw 2026 Telephone 02 9130 7788. We ship interstate and globally.

Oh…and we’re still looking for a new staff member to work our own print room. We print in house and need help. Read this and follow the instructions to submit your CV.

:: uge

Reo above me

Jordan on the finless


BT wrap

Doobie tickling the lip


Hold that rail Jordan

Doobie on a lovely reform right

Blake set driving

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