Combo, Bondi Beach this morning 7am


I coulda swam for hours this morning. I know I keep banging on about how nice the water is – but it’s really sumpin special. So warm! In the past few years I’ve been in Hawaii at this time of year…so I guess I’m really enjoying being at home in these choice conditions.

Waves – 2 foot East swell. There were a few but the 9am high tide was killing it.

Swell – plenty coming. A entire week of ENE swell followed by a big kuhuna on Sunday.

Check out this film of Ando roaming this big island. Some amazing waves and effortless surfing. I really enjoyed it.


Sick of seeing me shot this angle? I just love what light does

Water moving

Sage, trimming the full tide fatness

Uncle Joel trying to do a floater on some guys back

Tim Okkerse's back in Bondi!


Bondi textures

Mickey Malouf and his darling JS Black Box.

Tim Okkerse in spots

The Biccie Queen snatching the loot

Yeah Sage!

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