Ipanema gems, Rio de Janeiro

Little Zee

Oi! I’m outta here. I like Rio. Muito Bom!

Like all my trips, here’s a few tips if you want hit Rio:

  • Dangerous? So you’ve watched the movie ‘City of God’ and think that if you go to Rio kids like ‘Little Zee’ are mowing down tourists with Ak47s? (how good is that movie by the way). Like every city with a large population living in poverty there is crime. Remember – they wouldn’t have an Olympics there if it was THAT dangerous. I had no problem at all on this trip (touchwood) and I did everything from Favelas, Lapa to Copacabana. Yesterday at Ipanema I saw around 300 police on the beach keeping it safe. You just have to adjust your behaviour a little A) leave the Hermes cuffs, doobie gold chains and diamond crusted Dior sunnies at home. Go under the radar. B) Be aware C) Stick to the safe areas. I found Leblon, Ipanema, Arpoador and parts of Copacabana very safe. Copa is a bit like Kuta in Bali – can get a little loose. D) just carry what you need out. Small amount of cash (no wallet half hanging out of your back pocket) E) Night time – like in Sydney, don’t wonder around, alone late – and choose where you go wisely F) Cameras are hot items. I hired a security guard to flank me for the week whilst shooting ($100AUD a day). But I have big fancy camera gear and lots of it. Having a big dude trailing allowed me to shoot stress free and not worry where my bag is running off to.
  • Accommodation? I stayed at the Arpoador Inn and loved it (Approx. $200AUD a night). There’s a little wave out front and hot view. If you are cashed up and wanna impress the ladies go directly to Fasano ($1000AUD a night) or Copacabana Palace ($400 to $800AUD a night). But keep in mind there are hundreds of hotels.
  • Long way? Well, Rio is not just down the road from Sydney. It’s on the opposite side of the globe. Even though Air NZ are advertising on Aquabumps I have to say the trip over was one of the best long haul flights I’ve experienced. I slept 8 hours on the way over and I never kip on flights. That says it all. They have these fancy seats that are on a diagonal layout, maxing your legroom, must do premium economy. Also, it’s just 12 hours from Auckland to Buenos Aires – the gateway to South America. (Syd to Auckland 3 hours, BA to Ri0 – 3 hours). So it’s less than Europe. More infohoo
  • Must dos? Sugarloaf rock, The Jesus, Lapa, Santa Teresa, Copa, Ipanema, Leblon for dinner, Barra (where the WSL is held) for a surf – no one there!, Prainha and Hector…are all my favourite places. The Favela visit was a eye opener.
  • Mozzies? Didn’t see one and most people not bothered. Met one guy with Zika.

It’s about 3 Reals to 1 Aussie. Their economy is struggling a little. So it’s a quite a cheap holiday. Lunch for 2 at a very fancy restaurant, $25!

Ok, this ain’t trip advisor. See you back in ‘hood’ for Bondi talk.

:: uge

Sorry about the mix up with the capital of Brazil which is Brasilia. Thank you for the 203 emails correcting me! I am still slapping myself. Now I know you read my daily ramble.

Footvolley - a Brazilian favorite past time

Niterói mountains

Arpoador headland


Vidigal Favela has the best views in town!


Pio, Mr. Big in Vidigal Favela

She's got beautiful curves

Street art is legal and encouraged. Paint is everywhere

Ipanema Post 9 - where all the fancy people bake

This kid swam out front every day. I think he lived under the stairs

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  1. Great pics from Brazil …. you’ve captured the moods and changing colours so well. enjoyable…well done.

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