BMX bandit John from Stanmore lighting up the morning sky 7am

Jet lag

Hey. I’m back in Bondi and the weather is amazing. You can travel all over the world looking for the ideal beach city, but hey…Sydney is a damn fine place to live!

We have waves from a surprise swell. 2-3 footers and from the ESE. It looks fun, yet a lot of waves totally closing out.

I always love how involved my readership is. I reckon 100 people said they loved the Rio photos this morning to me whilst shooting. I enjoy seeing new lands. It refreshes my passion for photography and gives me a nice reset to come back to shoot Bondi.

Have a good day.

:: uge

Few nice lefts this morning at Bondi

Swim before work girls?

Shallow pool dip

Mad Mexican Katia and her new Hypto


Icebergs moments

My mate Shaun Greenblo searching for a non-closeout

Sal Flemming and Jeannie, could talk underwater


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