Not a drop out of place, perfection looks like this.

Bon Voyage

I write to you from the middle of the treacherous Mentawai strait…yes, we’re heading home. The Ratu Motu chugs along at 13 knots heading for the mainland port of Padang. It’s silky smooth and our 3 storey/39 metre chunk of steel is barely rocking. Blessed.

You’ve all read stories of Mentawais, it’s a well trodden path for surfers and journos…so here is a random collection of useless/useful information:

  • On this trip we achieved a world first, a beer delivery to the line up via a drone. Yes, we are now trying to deliver all manner of items to surfers waiting for a set. We even tried to deliver a beer whilst someone was surfing on a wave – unsuccessfully (footage coming when we get to a fast internet link)
  • We had an earthquake (6.5) in the Mentawai Strait last week. In fact, we had 2 undersea earth quakes whilst we were at sea but no tsunamis thankfully…don’t worry Mum, we anchor in Tsunami resistant areas at night (deep water).
  • There are 40 registered charter boats working the Mentawai chain yet we only saw half a dozen the entire time (not all at once). It’s a big place, we had days and days on our own with 5 surf breaks to choose from.
  • Mentawais is bit of a dude ranch – very few females venture out here (we saw 2 chicas in 12 days). It’s not really suitable for your next family vay-cay, especially not with small children. Look up West Papua (On Ratu Motu of course which goes to Papua in the Indo off season). I’m so keen to take my family there for a well balanced trip (bit of small surf…mostly scenic).

Huge thanks to our charter vessel Ratu Motu for the most insane trip. 3 swells over 12 days. Nothing under head high and mostly 4-6 foot, daily.

See you around Bondi.

:: uge

Cheap accommodation right near the best waves in the world.

Crystal cylinders spitting down the reef

Karlos Page, in the shade on a very hot day in Mentawais. Only one out (it's big)

That's me shooting Karlos...quite a chunky set

Tim Kelley

View from my seat

Shorty didn't do a turn the whole 12 days.

Frontside hacks, The Left

Get out there boys

Keenan Crisp

See you later Ratu Motu (Our boat)

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