Karlos Page, sliding into a glassy one. Mentawais


We’ve been hiding out in a small pocket of the Mentawais for days and days, on our own. It’s been awesome. No humans for miles. So many waves to choose from and only 12 surfers on our boat to ride them. With a inbound monster swell, I would say that’ll change. My surf guide and Mentawai oracle, Erik, says the swell coming today will be the biggest he’s seen in 12 years of being out here. It’s a 20 second 20 foot monster…so the boys are waxing up and all watching the horizon, patiently.

Keep in mind, it’s not as big as the 13 metre swell that just hit Sydney. I’ve been seeing snippets of the damage done – I just can’t believe my eyes. I hear it was the worst storm since 1974! Is my gallery still there?

If you’d like to do a trip like this one, it’s really easy. Get a group together. I choose to bring 12 surfers out with me on the majestic Ratu Motu (AKA Death Star) – but the boat can take 20 people. It’s by far the largest and most luxurious floating palace out here. It was called the Indies Trader 4 and featured in surf movies like Young Guns 2 (google it). The boat has hosted all the big names in surfing – you name it, they’ve sat at the dinner table. The 12 onboard staff will treat you like a king whilst you catch the most perfect waves on this planet. Not all waves up here are bone crushers, in fact I would say the majority are really quite easy. So there you have it. Start planning 2017. Go to this website for all booking info.

The Bondi show continues next week on Aquabumps…

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My hiding place

John John Botella, tube #234 for the trip


Adrian Shortland, one of the best waves of the trip


Spilling on silk

Indo lips

Gravity free JJ

Erik the oracle, purse drop

The peanut gallery

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