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A Good Day…

I am having a good day. Currently I’m on the 39 metre Ratu Motu parked up against one of the most beautiful islands on this planet. I’ve been here many times…it’s a favourite. A right hander wraps the island producing 300-400 metre rides. It’s really quite ridiculous. The stuff you dream of. Then the water is always a deep shade of blue. Crystal clear. All the boys are getting shacked on a nearby left as well…

I can’t sit inside the cabin and write any more…it’s just too good outside. The winds finally dropped. I’m out there. It’s proper pumping. I heard about the storms in Sydney – can’t believe it!

:: uge

I think JJ is having a good day too...

Reef slots (sharp!)

I think Karlos Page is having a good day also.

Adrian Shortland, never misses

@yogidunx AKA Duncan Peak, the human canon ball

Cameron Hoy, enjoying the frontside drainers

Even photographers have to catch waves, sometimes

Sunrise glass

Lone peak

Long waits...

4 thoughts on “A Good Day…

  1. Best Post. Made me smile so much. So stoked for you guys getting such amazing waves, without crowds and how beautiful does it look over there. Smiled seeing JJ’s epic shot and then smiled seeing Karlos and then Uge you too…bondi is taking over the ments. You guys will be happy :)) Awesome!

  2. The photo of the boat anchored in the channel with the right hand wave wrapping around the corner of the island in Mentawai. What island is it and what’s the name of the surf spot?

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