Sculpture by the Sea at South Bondi perhaps? Hello new water tank


What is going on? What is going on? I go overseas for 12 days and Sydney blows up, literally? The photos I’ve seen just don’t look real. A 13 metre swell in town…whaaaaaat? Cape Fear runs with a psycho north swell (so dangerous on that direction), a huge water tank is lifted from the Icebergs and plonked at South Bondi, pathways to Bronte are destroyed, steel is bent all over Icebergs. I’m guessing there is carnage all over Sydney. Oh…mother nature, you’ve flexed some muscle this time.

…and there is talk of another East Coast Low ravaging Sydney again next Sunday/Monday?

The beach seems to have an enormous amount of sand now, which is a great thing. You’ll notice it’s a deep beach now…widest I’ve seen. Waves are still here at 3 foot, howling offshore winds.

Everyone knows Pip Edwards around here. I see Pip pumping out the soft sand laps early in the morning. Well, not every day. Sometimes. She was recently famed on the cover of the salubrious local mag The Beast! Well she’s started her own label…P.E. Nation. It’s modern active wear ’cause that’s all women wear around Bondi. Free shipping for Aquabumps readers using the “Aqua” promo code. Go

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P.S. Say a little pray for the people of Orlando. It’s just too sad for words.

A war zone Icebergs

Water bending steel. WOW

Highlight sets, Bondi Beach

Dill Pickle tapping the top

Everyday Kay doing here thing in golden light

Fly be free!

Silver surfer

Very early curlers

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